About ALC

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in One Power, One Presence for Good: God.
  • We believe God is all there is.
  • We believe that direct experience of God is available to ALL.
  • We believe we are each unique divine expressions of God, with free will.
  • We believe we are transformed by practice of prayer and meditation, service and unconditional Love.
  • We believe we co-create our world and our personal experience through our consciousness.
  • We honor all spiritual paths of Love.

Our Intentions

  • We  recognize and honor the Beauty of God in everyone and everything.
  • We experience the ancient wisdom of Universal Truth through spiritual practice and celebration.
  • We joyfully embrace the wholeness of community.
  • We live fully in the abundance of life.
  • We offer a sacred space welcoming all to love, learn, play and commune.
  • We are a beacon of light in service to the world.

Our Actions

  • We honor and support diversity; cultural, ethnic, religious practice, and sexual orientation.
  • The congregation joins with the leadership to set the programming of the church.
  • Service to the community of the Abundant Life Center is a part of the spiritual path that we share.