Become A Member

ALC Membership is a significant, conscious, and sacred choice entered into with prayer and commitment.

It is a personal commitment to one’s spiritual awakening and to belonging to a community, and to supporting the ALC spiritual community through prayer, service, and financial gifts.

Read below to see what some people feel about their membership in ALC. Then, if you’d like to express your interest in becoming a member, please contact ALC at 360-695-0211.

I have been a member of ALC since its inception. Over the years I have met many people of like mind. Others, who allow me to be myself, honor what my values and beliefs are even if they do not completely agree. ALC is an inspiring and safe place to worship, learn in classes, find fellowship, be of service to others, and express myself and hear the opinions of others in our frequent discussion groups. I am really invested in it in all these ways.

~ Charlotte

Being a part of ALC’s community is very rewarding for me on many levels. My relationships and involvment with the community there have enriched my life.

~ Draq

For me, ALC has been a most loving and supportive community—actually much more like my “real” family than the siblings I grew up with. Since I live alone, I couldn’t very well countenance much of a life without them. A very loving, supportive, and non-judgmental community!

~ Michael